Why the Guidelines are Important

Research has revealed that the legal profession suffers from a high incidence of psychological health concerns.

We created the Workplace Wellbeing Guidelines to enable workplaces to create psychologically healthy environments for employees.

  • 33% of lawyers and 20% of barristers suffer disability and distress due to depression; they do not seek help and often self-medicate with alcohol.
  • Alcohol abuse in legal profession is extremely concerning.
  • High rate of suicide and suicidal ideation among lawyers.
  • Law students and young lawyers most vulnerable.
  • 80% of disciplinary matters involving lawyers have an underlying mental health issue.

Implementation of the guidelines creates a supportive workplace and healthy employees who are:

  • More productive, efficient and make better decisions.
  • Make fewer errors.
  • Engage in discretionary and pro-social behaviour. Less bullying, harassment.
  • Reduce costs- less turnover, recruitment, insurance premiums, stress leave, claims.
  • Retain corporate knowledge, expertise and experience.
  • Reduce stress to managers.
  • Have new ideas.
  • Able to adapt to changes.
  • The key to innovation.