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Inaugural Tristan Jepson Memorial Lecture: “Towards Managing Mental Wellness in the Legal Profession”

Associate Professor Dr Mamta Gautam 2006

Throwing Stones: Cost/benefit analysis of judges being offensive to each other

Justice Keith Mason AC QC 2008

This article explores the relationship between appellate and lower courts in the language of their public discourse and raises for further discussion categories of offensive discourse that should be avoided in accordance with best practice.

The Human Sides of Law The Hon Keith Mason AC QC 2013

Tristan Jepson Memorial Foundation Lecture Virginia Bell 2014

A great discussion regarding the high rate of mental illness among law students and practitioners alike.

Depression an issue in the study of law

The Hon Justice Shane Marshall of the Federal Court of Australia 2013

Depression is a critical issue for law students and young practitioners. It can no longer be treated as a side issue. Active planning to assist students to combat it is a necessity – not an option.

The Court as a Workplace: Notes for starting a conversation within the County Court

Keith Mason 2016

OH&S laws apply already, at least to employees? Concerns about physical safety reflected in screening and emergency protocols which are mainly the responsibility of “government” working cooperatively with chief justices and court administrators. But what about psychological safety? And what should be expected of the trial judge who has a duty to control his or her own court?

Re-Wiring the Law The Hon Anna Katzmann 2016

For far too long the profession has been in denial about its high levels of mental ill health. We considered it critical to our success that we presented an image of strength and invulnerability at all times; anyone who did not fit the image was expendable.

The Aspiration of Excellence The Hon Marilyn Warren AC 2016

A presentation that discusses a range of issues and importantly, judicial wellbeing.

Telling admissions: Disclosing mental illness among lawyers

Mary-Jane Ierodiaconou and Roberta Foster 2013

Disclosure of mental illness in the legal profession raises difficult issues for employees, employers and regulatory bodies. Commitment to legal obligations by all sides is integral to creating a healthy workplace.

Sample Policy – Psychological Health and Injury Mental Health Coordinating Council 2012

The purpose of this policy is to provide a systematic approach to: creating and sustaining healthy conditions for the physical and psychological well-being of our employees, preventing psychological injury, identifying and positively managing psychological injury.